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Samsung blockchain and Kakao Klaytn released blockchain-friendly smartphone KlaytnPhone – KlaytnPhone preinstalled DATA’s first ecosystem app Antube

The first blockchain-friendly smartphone KlaytnPhone, which was developed by Samsung and Kakao Klaytn, officially went on sale on Sep.6th, 2019. DATA’s first ecosystem app Antube, as a preinstalled app, officially landed KlaytnPhone.

KlaytnPhone, the first blockchain-friendly mobile device in the world, adopts Samsung blockchain techonology Keystore, supports Kakao Klaytn blockchain platform, and preinstalls representative blockchain apps, for the purpose of introducing blockchain into people’s daily life. KlaytnPhone right now is only available in the Korea and attracts lot’s of attention from users and media who are interested at blockchain. It will also attract more and more potential blockchain users. Through blockchain apps, KlaytnPhone can make users access blockchain technology and apps easier, transfer mobile phone internet users into blockchain, gradually realize the generalization of blockchain , and prove the value and the technology of blockchain.

After three of the world’s biggest internet messaging companies Facebook(Libra)、Telegram(TON) and Kakao(Klaytn), which have the largest users base in the world, took the first step in blockchain field, Korea’s largest international group Samsung also makes a real move in the innovation of blockchain field. Samsung provides Samsung blockchain SDK for developers and users, which helps developers manage blockchain accounts easily and links users not only to Samsung Keystore but also other external cold wallet as well. Samsung blockchain Keystore is a powerful security technology that based on Samsung Knox. It can save and manage blockchain private key in Samsung smartphones. Since Keystore runs on an independent security operation system, if a user’s smartphone is hacked, the user can stop using Samsung Knox to protect private information.

DATA and Klaytn get further cooperation, which starts from the cooperation on ecoyststem apps, to the cooperation on mainnet and to the cooperation in promoting the blockchain landing mobile ecosystem. After incubating Antube with Kakao GroundX, DATA, as the Initial Service Partner, officially joined Kakao Klaytn ecosystem and integrated with Klaytn mainnet technology. DATA ecosystem’s first app Antube is introduced into Kakao Klip wallet that supports DTA and ATT. At present, Antube provides KlaytnPhone users mobile short videos service with token rewards, to enable users to share ecosystem benefit when they enjoy entertainment. At the same time, The SDK that Antube uses to cash attention on DATA’s mobile advertisement will further broaden user base and bring users token rewards that are corresponding to their attention.

After this cooperation with Samsung Keystore, DTA and ATT will be supported by Samsung wallet in the future. By importing Klaytn address of Samsung Keystore to Antube, users can transfer tokens from Antube wallet into Samsung Keystore wallet to save ATT and DTA. KlaytnPhone will help DATA further improve brand value, expand user base and promote ecosystem development.

Samsung Blockchain SDK

Samsung Blockchain SDK brings developers and consumers to the blockchain world by providing a full set of functions that the Decentralized App (DApp) or Blockchain App needs. The SDK helps developers to manage blockchain accounts easily and to make a transaction easier by abstracted transfer APIs for each type of coins. The SDK offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrency remittance with its UI. To use this payment solution, DApp needs a hardware wallet. With this, Samsung Blockchain SDK links users not only to the Samsung KeyStore but also to some other external cold wallets as well. Learn more about Samsung Blockchain SDK:

Samsung Blockchain Keystore

Samsung blockchain Keystore is a powerful security technology based on Samsung Knox. It can save and manage blockchain private key in Samsung smartphones. As Keystore runs on an independent security operation system, if a user’s smartphone is hacked, the user can stop using Samsung Knox to protect private information. Learn more about Samsung Keystore:

About Kakao’s Mainnet Klaytn

Kakao has approximate 50 million active users. Cooperation with Kakao’s mainnet Klaytn will bring Antube more users as well as potential partners, and prepare a solid basis for DATA ecosystem’s future growth. The in-depth cooperation between Antube and Kakao’s mainnet Klaytn will strength the brand value and influence of Antube in Korea and even in the whole world.

About Antube

December 2018, Antube was incubated by Kakao GroundX and DATA. On Jan 1, 2019, Antube officially released Alpa Test version. On Mar 2019, Antube released open Beta Test. On Aug 1, 2019, Antube officially launched on Klaytn Mainnet and released wallet system. In the future, Antube will collaborate with more first-class industry partners to expand its ecosystem and user base.

About DATA

DATA is a blockchain-based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. DATA’s core technology stack and business model is similar to BAT(Basic Attention Token) and Filecoin (IPFS), but only focused on mobile industry. Antube is the first SDK project in DATA’s ecosystem that cashes attention on advertisements. Through the in-depth cooperation with Kakao Klaytn ecosystem. Antube will further broaden DATA’s application scenarios and broaden end-user size.

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