Ground X Has Released an App-to-App API to Boost Adoption of BApps

2 min readOct 27, 2020

Kakao’s blockchain technology affiliate ‘Ground X’ has released an App-to-App API (application programming interface) SDK that can link services with ‘Klip’, a digital asset wallet service. It will accelerate the efficiency and speed of combining traditional applications with blockchain. Both DATA and AntNet projects participate in the test as early partners. Once released, both projects will integrate Ground X’s App-to-App SDK.

When the App-to-App API is introduced, various digital assets, including virtual assets and NFT cards, can be freely transferred between services and Klips by linking Klips and services. Using the Klip, you can conveniently execute various functions of the blockchain, such as signature, wallet linkage, and digital asset transfer. Users can easily use digital assets with a single, simplified PIN number using only Klips, without having to run multiple Apps at the same time and use them alternately or manage multiple wallets. In addition, service developers can expand and develop services using Klips without developing separate wallets within their own services.

In addition, the App-to-App API is linked with the’Key Management System (KMS)’, which provides a key management solution developed by Ground X. KMS, which stores the security key in an encrypted form, does not require the user to directly manage the security key, and there is no fear of leakage of the security key due to mistakes or hacking. KMS is designed so that even Ground X, which operates the Klip, cannot access the security key.

Ground X CEO Jae-seon Han said, “By linking Klips and services, the user’s convenience has been greatly enhanced.” “Companies and start-ups already operate services based on a blockchain that maximize the service through Klips and consider introducing a blockchain. It is possible to easily experience the unique features of the blockchain by connecting with Klips through the App-to-App API.”

He added, “We will continue to release features that maximize the usability of Klips, such as Klip Partners, an NFT digital asset issuance tool, and the App-to-App API that we launched this time. It will expand.”

Klip is a digital asset wallet service that can be accessed through KakaoTalk, and can be used from the’All Services’ menu in the ‘More’ tab at the bottom right of the KakaoTalk mobile app without installing a separate app. You can also sign up and log in to your Kakao account. Currently, Klip supports a total of 16 types of virtual assets, including Klaytn’s own token, KLAY, and non-replaceable tokens (NFT)-based digital cards of various types and properties.