2 min readNov 18, 2019

DTA Token Swap Announcement

After DATA has switched to Klaytn mainnet, DATA team is working on the cooperation with major global exchanges about DTA token swap. The first exchange DTA token swap has completed on Bittrex ( successfully. The second exchange DTA token swap will take place on Korean largest exchange Upbit (, details can be viewed as following:

1.Upbit will start DTA token swap on Korean time November 21th 2:00 pm. During token swap, withdrawal/deposit is suspended, however, the trade of DTA will be unaffected. Within this period, users who hold DTA(ERC20) on Upbit will automatically complete DTA token swap, and their DTA(ERC20) will be converted to DTA(Native), which is based on DATA’s strategic partner Korean’s No.1 mobile company Kakao’s Klaytn mainnet. More details can be read from the exchange announcement:

2.After Upbit completes DTA token swap, please do not send DTA(ERC20) to Upbit. If a user send DTA(ERC20) to Upbit by mistake, Upbit will not find DTA(ERC20) and send them back to the user.

3.After Upbit completes DTA token swap, please do not send DTA(Native) based on Klaytn mainnet to ETH(ERC20) address. Otherwise it will result in the loss of your DTA(Native).

4.Users can transfer DTA (Native) to the following wallets:

a. Kakao Klaytn Web Wallet:

b. Antube Wallet:

c. Since DATA has been strategically partnered with Samsung Blockchain Keystore, Samsung users can transfer DTA(Native) to Samsung wallet.

d. Besides, Kakao Klaytn mobile version wallet Klip ( will support DTA(Native) in the near future, and Klip wallet will be integrated into KakaoTalk Application.

5. In order to prevent users from wrong sending or withdrawal problems, it is expected that Antube wallet will enable withdrawal function after global major cooperative exchanges complete DTA token swap and the process run stably. Users can choose to transfer DTA(Native) from Antube to exchanges or other wallets that support DTA(Native).

6.At present, DTA(Native) has been utilized in DATA’s first ecosystem application Antube. DATA team is reaching out to more partners about the collaboration on ecosystem projects that integrate DATA SDK, such as mobile games products.

As more exchanges support DTA(Native), and the further cooperation with partners including Korean Kakao Klaytn and Samsung, we are working to accelerate the ecosystem development.

November 18th, 2019