DATA(DTA) Slogan Contest

5 min readMay 10, 2018


DATA project has been welcome by a passionate multicultural community since our launch in January. We are eternally grateful for your support and understanding. The success of DATA, we believe, requires sustained efforts and reinforced publicity together from our community. All of you are of great importance to us. We hope that you can bring in greater influence, and thus attract more people to participate in the ecosystem to solve the data fraud problem. Here comes our another community initiative — DATA Slogan Contest. Hope everyone presents us the best interpretation!

This initiative is designed for creative mining, also a special case for Proof-of-Attention (PoA). We appreciate that users pay their attention and provide their creativity. We thus select winners from all submissions based on most retweeted and relevancy.

Goal: a strong, concise, original and innovative interpretation DATA project


1. Decentralized AI Powered Trust Alliance

2. World-Tier Anti-Ad-Fraud Alliance

3. BlockChain Solution for Data Fraud and Inefficiency

The above three examples are from our whitepaper and website. We encourage everyone to be innovative and confident to compose the slogans.


Top1: 8,000 × DTA

Top2: 5,000 × DTA

Top3: 3,000 × DTA

Top4~Top10: 1,000 × DTA

Top 10 winners will get a DATA T-shirt besides DTA rewards.

Top 1 slogan will have the opportunity to be printed on our limited edition DATA T-shirts.

The top 10 submissions will be finalized by the DATA team based on retweets, likes and relevancy. Totally 23,000 DTA are waiting for participants to claim. Come and share your unique thoughts here!

Easiest way to participate:

1. To successfully join the contest, you have to Retweet the contest announcement tweet from our official twitter @Blockchain_Data with your slogan in the comment.

2. Must Include the #DTA, $DTA and #DATA hashtags

3. Follow our Official Twitter.

Deadline: The contest will end at 24:00 on May 13, 2018 (EST). Results are expected to be reviewed by DATA team and announced on May 16. Once we completed we will make an official announcement and let you know how to redeem prize. Our team member will contact you for ETH address and the address to receive DATA T-shirts.

Other Rules

1. Slogans must be different from our examples.

2. Only one submission per account and no duplicate submissions.

3. Twitter account must be created at least half month age and it should have at least 1 follower and 10 followings.

4. DATA will own the right to use, modify, and distribute any submissions to this contest.

Project Introduction & Progress


Token: DTA

DATA is a blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure, enabling a decentralized and trusted digital ecosystem.

DATA team is from Microsoft, Oracle, MicroStrategy, Capital One, Vungle, Tencent, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and etc, based in Bay Area & Los Angeles U.S., Berlin Germany, Beijing & Shenzhen China, Seoul Korea.

DATA team advisory board includes Chief Advisor Prof. Shoucheng Zhang, founding Chairman of Danhua Capital, Vincent, founding partner of FBG Capital, Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, Pual Veradittakit, Partner of Pantera, Satoshi, Partner of Dfund. Our strategic funding partners including FBG, DFund, DHVC, Fengbushi, Pantera, Alphabit, Kenetic, XRP and etc.

Project Features:

DATA system is composed of four layers:

1. P2P mobile metadata management layer (M³), a off-chain storage that was inspired by IPFS but designed specially for mobile devices based on Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Erasure Code;

2. Blockchain layer, a standalone public chain built from a fork of Ethereum on Tendermint, the Ethermint project;

3. SDK management layer, in which AI technologies are used to generate AI models for device level reputation modeling and transfer the reputation and activity logs into M³ for peer verification;

4. Application process layer, consists of protocols and smart contracts to perform fraud detection, micropayment and other services.

In DATA, App developers are rewarded for integrating into the system while users are rewarded for their attention contribution under proof of attention (PoA) mining rules.

Latest update of DATA project:

1. DTA Alpha Phase Circulation Project launched on selected partners in Yomob platform with v1.0 version of Proof Attention (PoA) algorithm. Users in selected mobile apps can earn DTA points after watching mobile videos ads through DATA reward platform. Users will be able to use DTA points to make IAP (in-app purchase) such as digital items in mobile games.

2. The next step is to convert non-coiner to DTA coiner through Yomob existing 120 Million monthly global user base and direct them to international exchange partners.

3. Meetup in Seoul Korea. Keynote in GMIC Blockchain Summit, World Digital Assets Summit 2018. Sponsor for VentureBeat and WDAS.

4. Partners with Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and etc.

Industry partners:

1. Yomob (a mobile monetization SaaS service with over 2000 global developers and monthly reach of 120 million end-users)

2. BlueFocus (top 1 marketing and PR agency in Asia)

3. Kochava (leading mobile app attribution and analytics in US)

4. XCHNG (a global digital marketing ecosystem based on blockchain) and other leading industry partners for project research and development.

5. DATA also cofounded a blockchain research lab with BlueFoucs focus on digital marketing.

First version of DATA Prototype: (under testing now and will open to public soon)

Future Prototype Development Plan:

Product Prototype Dashboard for End-Users

Our core tech team is working on P2P mobile metadata management storage infrastructure (M³) as well as the main DATA chain based on Tendermint consensus engine.

Future Usage of DTA




Decentralized AI-Powered Trust Alliance