DATA(DTA) Project Summary: May 30th~June 12th

8 min readJun 14, 2018


Technical Development

P2P Mobile Mtorage Development

DATA’s CTO, Dr. Li Ze, led the development of P2P mobile storage, and in the last week, had completed the network testing of erasure coding based DHT on Super Nodes in 8 cities globally, including Hong Kong (China), India, the United States, Japan, Hangzhou (China), South Korea, Brazil, and Beijing (China).

These Super Nodes include Alibaba Cloud nodes, AWS nodes, and personal PC nodes. The hybrid networking of these nodes will be the backbond of M3 in the future.

Currently, we are conducting the development of the metadata storage node on Andriod mobile terminals and the DHT network access testing of the mobile node.

DATA × Yomob

DATA Product Prototype and DATA Reward Program officially launched and received good reviews from the community

On June 1, the DATA team formally launched the DATA Reward Program to all communities.

DATA product prototypes are currently landed in Zap Zombies, a Yomob game partner. Based on the principle of PoA, users receive reward points by watching or interacting with video ads in the game.

Under the guidance of the detailed User Guide, many users had participated and provided valuable feedback. A large percentage of the current users comes from Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Taiwan, the United States, the Philippines, Qatar, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

Compared with traditional internet products, the registration rate and conversion rate of DATA products are sizable.

*Note to Android users: To watch ads, you have to download the latest version of Zap Zombies on Google Play.

For IOS users, the download link is:

Meanwhile, the team is further optimizing the DATA Reward Program iteratively, and developing more features in the reward system, such as cash withdrawal, and more rewarding tasks, etc. So stay tuned!

Strategic Partnerships

Datawallet × DATA (DTA)

On May 23 in New York, Datawallet, the world’s leading C2B blockchain data transaction platform, announced a partnership with DATA. Based on the cooperation of both parties, DATA and Datawallet plan to establish a user-driven advertising network.

The advertising platform in the current technology ecosystem is driven by third-party data, but the acquired data does not have users’ consent. Therefore, the data used is limited to the public and user-consent data, resulting in lower than average data conversion rates. .

DATA and Datawallet hope to enable users to use their own anonymous data to motivate the development of the advertising industry. This model returns the right of data control to users. Users can decide which advertising platforms can access their data, and more importantly, users themselves can also benefit from the process.

In this strategic partnership, we will update the technical progress for everyone in real time.

Community Building

Over 26,000 people listened to Victor Ye’s live broadcast

Victor Ye, the Co-Founder of DATA (DTA), chatted with the audience about his history as a crypto investor at the Token Club. The live broadcast received over 26,000 listeners. In order to thank the community members for their active participation, we randomly selected 66 lucky winners to reward them 66,666 DTA in total. The rewards have already been distributed.

At the end of the broadcast, Victor stated:

1. Blockchain investment has opportunities in both the primary and secondary markets, but the primary market is overheated and thus many opportunities lie in the secondary market.

2. Spend more time on studying blockchain technology and less on trading short-term transactions. I hope everyone will HODL DTA with me.

3. I don’t know if ICO’s era has passed. But the era of blockchain has only just begun.

Victor Ye will also pay attention to everyone’s comments and continue to answer questions on the Token Club. You’re more than welcome to check it out:


Telegram Multilingual Groups are now open!

We have established several multilingual Telegram groups. If you are interested in becoming an administrator of one of the groups, please feel free to contact out admins. We are looking forward to having you on our way to develop a international community.

🇨🇳 China:

🇰🇷 Korea:

🇯🇵 Japan:

🇷🇺 Russia:

🇪🇸 Spain:

🇩🇪 Germany:

🇵🇭 Philippines:

🇻🇳 Vietnam:

🇮🇩 Indonesia::



Media Coverage

Why do the top investment institutions believe in DATA?

Seven out of the top 30 investment institutions, selected by Rupert Hoogewerf’s Hurun Report, chose to invest in DATA.

They are:

FBG Capital
Danhua Capital
Node Capital

Among them, the founders of three investment institutions joined the DATA Advisory Committee. Prof. Zhang Shoucheng, the Founder of Danhua Capital, serves as the Chief Advisor for DATA. Zhou Shuoji, the Founder of FBG Capital, Shen Bo from Fenbushi Capital, and Dai Yusen from ZhenFund are also important advisors on the DATA team. .

2018 Global Blockchain Innovation Top 50 Ranking Released in Singapore

DATA, the blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure, is the only blockchain project that incorporates big data application to enter the top 50 list.

On June 8, the 2018 Global Blockchain Innovation Top 50 Ranking was officially released at the World Blockchain Conference (Singapore). 3 AM Summit. The World Blockchain Conference (Singapore). 3 AM Summit is the top industry event in the field and is hailed by the industry as the “Davos Forum” of the blockchain.

In the top 50 ranking, there are the leading digital asset trading platforms, such as Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, and Okex; the mining industry representatives, such as Bitmain, the world’s largest ASIC miner manufacturer, and Canaan, which is preparing for an IPO in Hong Kong.

Globalization Progress

Co-founder Victor Ye Meeting Peking and Tsinghua University Students

On May 29th, DATA Co-Founder Victor Ye attended the meetup held by his alma mater, Tsinghua University, and other top institutions, including Peking University.

In the meetup, Victor introduced the students to basic Blockchain knowledge, presented the technology of the DATA project, and provided career planning advice. Victor also looked forward to more face to face opportunities with these college talents.

CPC Crypto Developers Conference

On June 11, the CPC Crypto Developers Conference was held at the Museum of Computer History in Silicon Valley. The Turing Award winner and cryptology godfather, Professor Whitfield Diffie, attended the event. Algorand, Long hash, NEO and other star projects participated in the roadshow. Victor Ye, the Co-Founder, and Lily Wang, the General Manager of the United States of the DATA project, were invited to attend the meeting and had maintained good relationships with many quality projects and investors.

New Team Member

In the past two weeks, we have recruited four new team members.

They are no rookies. If you take a look at their resumes, you will find that though they are young, they have a lot of experience and capability in the blockchain field.

First, Xiao Fu, the new China Operations Director.

He earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Once graduated, he went to the world’s leading exchange, Huobi, to do quantitative trading.

He’s highly familiar with the domestic and global blockchain projects, and has profound research and exploration on market value management, blockchain technology, market analysis, and application value.

Linkedin: laugh-pay-639b4b108/

The second member is Lily Wang, who lives in San Francisco, USA. She is our new General Manager and is responsible for a series of work such as strategic cooperation, operations, marketing, public relations, and community building in the US market.

Lily Wang’s LinkedIn resume is so substantial that you can’t finish reading it in one glance!


She graduated from MIT with a background in Computer Science. She has worked at companies such as Oracle and Google, and has also worked as an independent trader.

Since she joined Huobi last year, she had taken a firm step in the direction to the blockchain industry. Now that she’s joined DATA, her cross-industry experience will help make our position in the US market more prosperous.

In the Korean market, our recruitment of talents is also in full swing. Fortunately, two well-established Korean members joined us and are responsible for community operations and marketing.

Not that many people know both blockchain and the Korean market well. However, the following happens to be two of them. Sorry, DATA took them first.

Jay Kim, the Community Director of Korean, is responsible for developing and managing the Korean community.


Jake Lee serves as the Marketing Director of Korean and is mainly responsible for Korean marketing activities.


He has deeply engaged in blockchain projects and has also reached cooperation with Mytoken to help promote the outstanding blockchain projects in China to the Korean market.




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