DATA(DTA) Project Summary: May 14th~May 29th

№10 Weekly Report of DATA

I. Technology & Product Prototype

DATA × Yomob: DATA Reward Program introduction to the community

DATA team has successfully completed the product prototype testing and iterative optimization on one of Yomob’s developer, Zap Zombies. We will officially introduce our DATA Reward Program to the whole community soon. Detailed guidance on how to participate in the program will also be provided.

More enriched features of DATA Reward Program such as withdrawal, deposit, and various reward categories are also under developed.

II. Community Building

  1. Results

Current market cap of DTA:$49,670,590 USD / 6,982 BTC / 95,378 ETH

2. DATA Telegram Community Activity Campaign

First period(May 9th — May 24th)’s telegram activity campaign has been over. We have announced result in the telegram group. Please contact our telegram admin Ray Miao if you win the campaign but not message us your eth address. Meanwhile, our second period campaign has started! Join our telegram to attend this activity. To check the current rank of campaign, please click the following link, select proper date and see the rank by messages amount,

3. DATA Slogan Contest

Since the Slogan Contest was launched, the comments we received have exploded. Community’s active level is unprecedentedly high and lots of ideas are astonishing as well as creative. The result of slogan contest has been announced and the token rewards have been dispensed. T-shirt rewards are also on the way!

4. Multiple Language Telegram Groups

We have launched multiple language telegram groups. If you would like to be an admin in new groups, please pm any admin in the English group and we can discuss next steps.


5. Second AMA on

DATA launched the second AMA on one of the most popular Chinese crypto forum, 8btc. Within two hours, we had received dozens of questions of the project. Our co-founder, Victor Ye, had keenly answered all of them. Check them out here. There are a lot of topics you may feel interested in!

III. International Expansion

1. Blockchain Asia Meetup II New York City

On May 13th, we attended Blockchain Asia Meetup II in New York University campus.

Our cofounder Franklin Song attended roundtable with the topic of “Blockchain Future Discussion”. The attending speakers include Kain Warwick from Havven, Franklin Song from DATA, Alon Muroch from Blox, and Mitch Liu from Theta (from left to right in the picture).

Franklin Song pointed out, in the future blockchain will be applied to various industry and rebuild a new and advanced ecosystem, such as fintech industry.

In that day, Franklin also accepted Youtuber Blockchain Brad’s interview.

2. Consensus 2018 New York City

On May 14th to May 16th, we are invited to attend Consensus 2018 hosted by Coindesk. Our CEO had a panel on May 15th afternoon in the session Expedition of China Blockchain Project Sponsored by FBG Capital, with other great projects like Cortex and Aelf.

Franklin Song pointed out, “many China companies have realized the great contribution and technology of blockchain and its long-lasting ecosystem, and have started to try to use blockchain technology to build real value in society. Some of projects have been seeking new profit points and modifying revenue model by using blockchain technology. He said this must be the trend and meanwhile more and more non-coiners are becoming coiners.

3. Korea Meetup

We hosted a great meetup in Seoul with Datawallet and DCC. We officially announced strategic partnership with Datawallet. And more good news will be announced soon. In the meetup, we introduced our project, roadmap, and partnership to the local investors, exchanges, and media.

4. DATA Official Korean Website and Whitepaper

In order to grow our Korean community, besides building Telegram Korean Group and Kakao group, we have published Korean whitepaper and official website

Also, welcome to join our Kakao Talk group through the following code!

V. Media Exposures

  1. fx empire

fx empire is renowned finance blog website. On May 27th, they did an interview with our CEO Franklin Song. Franklin Song introduced DATA project from technology innovation and advantages, and how to build trust and rewards.

This interview is together published through fxempire official website and Yahoo Finance. Check it out in the links.

2. World’s largest crypto fund company Pantera Capital announced its portfolio, including our project DATA. Pantera Capital ever invested in BTC, ETH and XRP long time ago, and earned greatest return in crypto fund.

3. Youtube Influencer @ Crypto Love

Youtube influencer @ Crypto Love did an interview with our cofounder Victor Ye. Crypto Love is really great youtuber who has over 86k subscribers on Youtube and over 4 million views on his videos. The video will be online soon. Stay focused on our social channels and we will let you know once it’s published.

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