DATA Biweekly Report (10.11–10.25)

4 min readOct 30, 2018

Technical Development

M3 Distributed Storage System

According to the P2P test outline, based on the P2P communication mobile test platform app, the team carried out the mobile P2P communication test under different network environments. The test covered the normal network environment, network on/off state, network switching state (two mobile devices were respectively switched between 4G and Wi-Fi), 4G network mobility test (car, subway, high-speed rail environment) and other different conditions.

On network:

Network transmission link optimization optimizes network connection management efficiency by adding asynchronous thread operations while repairing underlying blocking problems. The uploading and downloading module is reconstructed based on the new network transport layer to optimize communication messages and improve transmission efficiency. The seed file is stored on the DHT network and can be downloaded with a magnetic link. The server adds log output for analyzing node status.

On Android:

Developing upload and download module functions. Developing the node status detection module to track and upload data records. Optimizing the connection and transmission modules.

Next steps:

Android: App optimization, feature update.

Network side: large file support, peer-to-peer network topology testing, network transmission efficiency optimization.

SDK Product Introduction and Progress

The DATA mobile SDK product is the world’s first mobile-end advertising product that can monetize the user’s attention by using blockchain. The Alpha version is undergoing internal testing. After completion, multiple parties, including users, developers, and advertisers will benefit from it.


1. Will receive a better experience.

2. Can earn points rewards after watching video ads (contributing effective attention).

3. Can convert points into DTA tokens in the DATA User Reward System and use DTAs to trade on online exchanges.

4. Will be able to purchase items or services within any collaborative apps in the DATA ecosystem.


1. Will have better in-app purchase incentives and retention for the users.

2. Will increase advertising revenue.

3. Can earn a certain points reward through gaining the attention of their users.

4. Can convert points into DTA tokens in the DATA User Reward System and use DTAs to trade on online exchanges.

5. Can pay for cross-app marketing and advertising services in the DATA ecosystem.


1. Will get more effective user attention and higher conversion rates (from viewing and clicking ads).

2. Can reduce potential false traffic through the DATA credit system (rating low credits on the devices that produce false traffic and record them on blockchain).

The SDK product is being tested and optimized for the Alpha version and has been integrated with apps on Apple App Store and Google Play, such as Zap Zombies and Soda World. At the same time, the team plans to conduct joint testing of the beta version with mobile developer partners in the United States and South Korea. After the beta test is passed, the DATA team will work with global partners to promote the product. At the same time, the team is negotiating platform-level cooperation with some Korean listed advertising companies and digital advertising companies in the United States, and further enhancing user access by embedding the DATA SDK protocol into the partner platform SDK.

Community Building

“The Most Beautiful Project” Plan Notice

“The Most Beautiful Project” refers to the project parties with a complete and beautiful project archive in the Huobi Blockchain Project Center. DATA is currently officially listed as one of the projects.

The project party that wins the most likes will receive the privilege of displaying on Huobi’s top recommendation list for one week. We hope the DATA community users can scan the QR code below to support us and let more people know about DATA.

Exchange Updates

DTA Global Market Expansion Has Achieved Initial Results

After DTA launched on Bittrex and Upbit on September 21, the trading volume continued to climb. According to the well-known third-party platform CoinMarketCap, DTA’s trading volume on Bittrex and Upbit has been at the forefront of all exchanges, maintaining good liquidity. DTA global market expansion has achieved initial results. In the future, the DATA team will continue to expand into the international markets of the United States, South Korea and other countries.

HBUS Launching Time Adjusted

Due to some unforeseen issues happened in the docking process, the DTA did not go live on the HBUS exchange as expected. The DATA team has already had positive communication with HBUS, and the accurate launching time will be announced on HBUS official website.