DATA Bi-Weekly Report (Mar 19 — Apr 1)

5 min readApr 1, 2018



1) Tech Development

The prototype of DATA integration with Yomob Advertising SDK is finished and tested. Developer side business logic, UI/UX design, and reward mechanism is designed, end users will get attention reward in DTA tokens based on Proof of Attention rules. From next week, DATA team will develop attention incentive system, including API, account binding, reward notification process, etc. We expect by end of April, DATA integration with Yomob SDK will go live with chosen test clients, and gradually roll out to 2000+ developers and more than 120 million MAUs on Yomob platform.

Overview of User Incentive Mechanism:

• With proof of Attention (PoA) rules, the contribution of developers and end users are properly measured and rewarded. An attention based token economy is developed.

• Users are rewarded for watching video ads and interacting with playable ads with DTA tokens.

• Developers and users can consume and redeem DTA tokens.

2) Academic Cooperation

On March 19th, DATA’s cofounders, Franklin Song and Victor Ye visited Beijing University of Post and Communication, and established formal cooperation with Professor Xin Hu. DATA will launch a collaborative blockchain lab with Beijing University of Post and Communication and develop the P2P mobile storage system as the starting project.

Franklin Song, Professor Xin Hu, and Victor Ye

3) Security

On March 22, our official website was under severely DDoS attack. The site engineers fixed the website and purchased premium anti-DDoS services from our cloud service provider. The attack was identified from China based attackers. We stop visit from mainland China temporarily to prevent the attack.


number of followers in various channels
market cap, number of token holders/transactions

We have developed prototype of DATA candy system. Campaign incentive and user reward flow was designed by the team. Users will get DTA reward based on their contribution in the community. We have started development of the candy system.

DATA candy system will share the same backend database with user incentive system. We welcome developer community and investors to build the ecosystem with the foundation.


1) Meet-up in Korea

DATA team will participate in Blockchain Asia meet-UP in Seoul on April 6th. The theme of the meet up is “Today and Future of Asian blockchain projects”, and participating teams include DATA,Aelf,Zilliqa,Cortex,Libra,ITC,EXIM,Origo,AiDoc. The meet-up is hosted by GBIC Capital, Block 72 capital and FBG Capital. This is our first show in offline meet-ups and Franklin Song, our Cofounder will deliver speech at the event and take part in panel discussion. Money Today TV, a Korean media will participate and broadcast the whole event. CoinTime and Blockchain News, the top blockchain medias in Korea will participate and cover the event. The event is oversubscribed by 300 participants. The link to the event:

2) Korean Community

DATA team formed cooperation with KryptoSeoul, one of the leading blockchain PR agents in Korea. It will help us build Korean community, work with local media and partners, host online and offline campaigns. The CEO and found of KryptoSeoul, Erica Kang, graduated from Stanford University, and she is also advisor of Korea Blockchain Association. Now, KryptoSeoul team has started help translate DATA white paper and website and expects to finish in 2 weeks. We have prepared to build Telegram and Kakao community in Korean soon. Yanqi, DATA’s Korean operation lead, will head KryptoSeoul’s cooperation with DATA.

Erica Kang:
Yanqi Wang:

3) U.S. Online Campaign

DATA team formed cooperation with Block72 on U.S. online campaign, to increase our exposure in U.S. market. We’ll have Youtube videos, KOL promotions, interviews, blog posts and media coverages coming up shortly. Please stay tuned.


DATA’s cofounder, Victor Ye, attended Huobi’s global partnership event in Sanya, China, and met with Lin Li, Huobi’s CEO and discussed further cooperation with Huobi. Huobi is expanding its global exposure and just started offices in Korea, U.S. and Singapore. DATA is one of the leading projects working with Huobi’s international initiatives.

Lin Li, Huobi’s CEO and Victor Ye


DATA is chosen as one of the first few premium projects to start trading on Huobi’s Korean site. The choses tokens include RUFF、THETA、ZIL、LET、NEO、NAS、QTUM, etc.

Trading DTA on Huobi’s Korean site:

Huobi’s Korean site

New members:

We have a few excellent members joining our marketing, operation and design team in last few weeks:

• SY Lian is based in Berlin, Germany and she is leading brand design, website design and VI design for DATA project.

• Ray Miao is based in US and she is currently responsible for community building and growth hacking.

• Huixin Chiang serves as content marketer for DATA foundation and please feel free to contact her if you have any idea about our content.

• Olivia Peng serves as a Growth Hacker and Product Manager for DATA.

  • Anthony Shen is responsible for marketing strategy, community growth and operation.

New Website

We have release new DATA official website: The project’s vision, news areas, team and advisors are updated. Also we made mobile adaptation to the new site.

Check some screenshots of the new website:

news section
photo of our advisors




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