DATA Bi-Weekly Report (Apr 2— Apr 15)

4 min readApr 15, 2018

I. Tech Development

1. Main Chain

DATA team made progress in development based on Ethermint open-source engine, whereas we are able to store extra content in user account system. In DATA’s case, it’s device level reputation data. Our internal testnet is running in a small test suite that’s globally distributed. We plan to launch open test net and open source the code in second quarter, 2018.

2. Product Prototype

Attention reward system have been further refined and finalized, including developer side business logic, UI/UX design, and reward mechanism. DATA team has started the front-end and back-end development of attention reward system, including API, account binding, reward notification process, etc. We expect by end of April, DATA integration with Yomob SDK will go live with chosen test clients, and gradually roll out to 2000+ developers and more than 120 million MAUs on Yomob platform.

Overview of User Incentive Mechanism:

  • With proof of Attention (PoA) rules, the contribution of developers and end users are properly measured and rewarded. An attention based token economy is developed.
  • Users are rewarded for watching video ads and interacting with playable ads with DTA tokens.
  • Developers and users can consume and redeem DTA tokens.

II. Community

The market cap of DTA is: $59,971,867USD/7,240BTC/114,551ETH. DTA ranks №110 in all tokens.

In the meanwhile, we are translating our whitepaper and website into Korean. This is one of our strategic focus: expanding Korean market, attracting more Korean investors and fans, and diversifying our investors.

III. International Markets

  1. Korea

DATA Foundation joined Blockchain Asia 1st Meetup on April 6th. Blockchain Asia 1st Meetup was held by GBIC(Global Blockchain Innovative Capital), FBG Capital, and Block72. Our CEO & Co-Founder Franklin Song introduced the vision and technology of DATA to the guests. The staff from Samsung R&D Institute showed interested to DATA and expected to cooperation with DATA. After the meeting, Korean media interviewed members from DATA, and DATA team discussed the future of blockchain with develops and research institution.

2. US

Our CEO & Co-Founder Franklin Song, and our core members Josh and Shirley attended GamesBeat during April 9–10 in CA. DATA team talked with our advisor Paul Veradittakit, Partner of Pantera Capital; Micheal, CEO of Firefly Games; Maarten, CEO of IMGA; Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat. We discussed with developers and institutes about future cooperation. DATA keeps expanding in the US market.

3. China

Good news! DATA will attend Global Mobile Internet Conference 2018 (GMIC) during April 26th to 28th. Our CEO & Co-Founder Franklin Song is invited as a speaker to share innovation of big data and artificial intelligence in blockchain industry for Global Blockchain Summit at GMIC. GMIC aims to promote the development of Internet industry, and Global Blockchain Summit, focusing on the innovation of blockchain industry, is a crucial part of it. The most typical and outstanding blockchain projects will be invited globally to share up-to-date technology and product ideas out there, and GMIC will facilitate the communication between blockchain industry in China and global.

IV. New Members

DATA can not succeed in expanding Korean market without the help of local talents. Luckily, we found great talents here, both in technology industry and media industry, and they joined us with the recognition of DATA project and the passion of blockchain industry.

1)Jason Kim,VP of Korean Market

M.S/Ph.D., School of Computing, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

B.S., Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University

Also, we have a great Chinese media talent who live in Seoul joined us.

2) Yanqi Wang, Operation Director of Korean Market

M.A ,Korea University, Media Studio

Director Group Leader of Korea University

Worked as Program Director at Beijing TV station (BTV)

Their bio and image will be updated to our official website soon. If you want to check the introduction of our team members, you can go to:

In the first half of April, we have made substantial progress. In the next few days, we will disclose more good news. DATA team is grateful to have every one in our community and as our investors, and we will build an authentic, trusted, healthy digital ecosystem with the support of everyone.