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DATA Bi-Weekly Report: 8.24 – 9.7

Technology Development

  1. M³ Mobile distributed Storage System

1.1 Further enhanced SDK stability of M³ Beta, according to large scale test results

a. Added start-up retry and start-up delay, to ensure the service stability

b. Added external loading validation function, to ensure the proper loading of files

c. Added log fields, to acquire data and statistics more convenient

d. Expand the scope of SDK compatibility

Community Building

2.1 Marketing

2.2 Community Building

Ecosystem Building

3.1 DATA’s first ecosystem app Antube is prestalled by KlaytnPhone, which is launched by South Korea Samsung and Kakao

The first blockchain-friendly smartphone KlaytnPhone, which was developed by Samsung and Kakao Klaytn, officially went on sale on Sep.6th, 2019. DATA’s first ecosystem app Antube, as a preinstalled app, officially landed KlaytnPhone.

After three of the world’s biggest internet messaging companies Facebook(Libra)、Telegram(TON) and Kakao(Klaytn), which have the largest users base in the world, took the first step in blockchain field, Korea’s largest international group Samsung also makes a real move in the innovation of the blockchain field. KlaytnPhone, the first blockchain-friendly mobile device in the world, adopts Samsung blockchain techonology Keystore, supports Kakao Klaytn blockchain platform, and preinstalls representative blockchain apps, for the purpose of introducing blockchain into people’s daily life.

DATA and Klaytn get further cooperation, which starts from the cooperation on ecosystem apps, to the cooperation on mainnet and to the cooperation in promoting the blockchain landing mobile ecosystem. As one of the first pre-installed blockchain app on KlaytnPhone, Antube provides KlaytnPhone users mobile short videos service with token rewards, to enable users to share ecosystem benefit when they enjoy entertainment. At the same time, The SDK that Antube uses to cash attention on DATA’s mobile advertisement will further broaden user base and bring users token rewards that are corresponding to their attention.

After this cooperation with Samsung Keystore, DTA and ATT will be supported by Samsung wallet in the future. By importing Klaytn address of Samsung Keystore to Antube, users can transfer tokens from Antube wallet into Samsung Keystore wallet to save ATT and DTA. KlaytnPhone will help DATA further improve brand value, expand user base and promote ecosystem development.

3.2 Antube Operation Activities and Community Building

Since the official beta in March 2019, Antube has nearly 750,000 users worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. In this quarter, Antube is expected to have over 1,000,000 users.Through Antube, users worldwide share a variety of interesting and cool high-quality short videos loved and followed by both new and old users.

“Share short videos and connect to the wide world.” To reward high-quality video contributors, encourage users to share more exciting videos, while attracting more users to join the Antube global ecosystem, Antube held “Best Popular Video” selection event, “Best Popular Blogger” selection event, and “Super Miner” Competition event during Aug. 24th to Sep. 7th in 2019. During the event, a large number of users uploaded carefully-selected videos to Antube platform and recommended Antube to their friends, which brought in more than ten thousand new users and significantly increased interactive data such as likes and follows. This strongly promoted the healthy development of Antube.

The new version of Antube fully integrated M³ distributed storage — core technology of DATA, and opened P2P acceleration function to users. Unlike traditional Internet short video companies that rely on centralized servers, Antube plans to make each mobile device a decentralized storage node through DATA’s M³ distributed storage technology, distributely storing data in mobile nodes after encrypting. On one hand, bandwidth cost is greatly reduced; on the other hand, users do not need to worry about their data being occupied by the centralized server, which ensures the security and privacy of data. In the future, this technology can also be applied to all partners, and users can obtain incentives in Antube by sharing their own mobile broadband and storage resources.


DATA is a blockchain-based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. DATA’s core technology stack and business model is similar to BAT(Basic Attention Token) and Filecoin (IPFS), but only focused on mobile industry.

Through blockchain technology, DATA is dedicated to solving the significant problems of inefficient cooperation, waste of ecosystem resources, and uneven value distribution caused by data fraud and lack of trust in the global digital ecosystem. DATA aims to address data traceability, incentives validation, and quality control issues through device-level data reputation assessment.

DATA’s vision is to build a Data Trust Alliance with key partners in the digital ecosystem to develop and operate a standard protocol for quality assessment of device-level data. At present, DATA has built strategic cooperation with many globally renowned companies in the industry such as Kochava and Kakao Ground X.

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