DATA Bi-Weekly Report (7.13–7.27)

Online Dynamic

DTA launched on the new digital currency trading platform, UEX (, on July 18. The UEX core team has a broad international background in the internet and finance industries. The exchange is mainly positioned to lock in global quality projects and create a benign ecosystem for the blockchain market. UEX has shown many technical advantages for cryptocurrency investors, such as bank-level encryption protection, multi-signature-ensured fund security, smooth user experience, and 24-hour professional customer service.

Technical Development

Based on the hybrid tiered storage architecture, we use the Redis database on each super node as local storage. The initial development of the Android app has been completed. It has the ability to transfer data between the mobile terminal and the database and between the mobile terminal and other mobile terminal. The protocol uses TCP for real-time storing and querying for the data such as IMEI, time, geographical location and IP address of the mobile terminal, and use UDP for the external network communication.

Community Building

Media Coverage

Fm FeiMing Made a Vlog about DATA

Globalization Progress

Sino-US Blockchain Technology and Application Conference



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