DATA Bi-Weekly Report (7.13–7.27)

5 min readJul 29, 2018


Online Dynamic

DTA launched on the new digital currency trading platform, UEX (, on July 18. The UEX core team has a broad international background in the internet and finance industries. The exchange is mainly positioned to lock in global quality projects and create a benign ecosystem for the blockchain market. UEX has shown many technical advantages for cryptocurrency investors, such as bank-level encryption protection, multi-signature-ensured fund security, smooth user experience, and 24-hour professional customer service.

Till August 1st, you can register at and participate in a lottery to be one of the 1000 lucky members. 5 million DTAs will be given back to the community. So hurry up and register!

Lately, in addition to, we have other good news — DTA also launched on several leading exchanges, including Bitfinex, Ethfinex and FCoin.

Technical Development

Based on the hybrid tiered storage architecture, we use the Redis database on each super node as local storage. The initial development of the Android app has been completed. It has the ability to transfer data between the mobile terminal and the database and between the mobile terminal and other mobile terminal. The protocol uses TCP for real-time storing and querying for the data such as IMEI, time, geographical location and IP address of the mobile terminal, and use UDP for the external network communication.

The current 3G, 4G, home wireless routing, campus network users are all behind the NAT, who are sharing the same IP address. DATA is currently working on ICE-based NAT traversal technology to track the IP address behind the NAT.

Log system design:

The log file system is implemented in the way of Merkle Tree, to ensure the data in the log file system is verifiable and non-modifiable.

Large-scale node communication emulation is designed and implemented to analyze the reliability and stability of network storage and communication in a large scale.

DATA × Yomob

This month, DATA team has further worked on the iterative optimization of the DATA product prototype. A new feature, “deposit”, has been added to the DATA Reward System.

More features such as expense and task reward are under development. Please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, our team kept improving the conversion rate of DATA product by simplifying the registration process, aiming to provide the best and smooth user experience for our community. A large percentage of the current users comes from the United States, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries and regions.

Community Building

DATA Community Partners Recruitment Order

The number of people in the DATA community continues to rise. In order to ensure a stable development of the community, we have launched a recruitment order for community partners. So far, many DATA supporters have volunteered to help us develop the community and become our partners. Within three days, we have formed three WeChat groups with more than 1,200 new fans with the support of our partners.

The Second Telegram Engagement Campaign

At the end of July, DATA held the second Telegram engagement campaign. The first round is July 21–27, and the second is July 28-August 3. During this period, the DATA team admins will rank the top ten active users and send DTA rewards in both rounds. For details, please join our Telegram group: In addition, users who have been listed “Top 10” twice will also receive DATA Limited Edition T-shirts.

Media Coverage

Fm FeiMing Made a Vlog about DATA

Fm FeiMing, the famous vlogger in the Chinese crypto circle shot her first video for DATA. Currently, it has been viewed more than 5.01 million times on Weibo. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here:

“TianTian Live Broadcast” Second Episode

On July 13th, DATA co-founder Victor Ye visited TianTian Live Broadcast for the second time. The talk attracted 2.325 million views. In the live broadcast, Victor has directly answered a lot of sharp questions and chatted about the hotheaded industry such as crypto. Victor hoped to organize a DATA offline meetup in the near future

Globalization Progress

Sino-US Blockchain Technology and Application Conference

On July 24th, the “Graph Theory III Forum: China-US Blockchain Technology and Application Exchange Conference” jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University Fangtu Blockchain Research Center and Zhejiang Financial Technology Association was successfully held in Hangzhou.

Professor Shao Zhong, the head of the Department of Computer Science at Yale University and co-founder of CertiK, Professor Chen Wenzhi, the director of Zhejiang University Information Technology Center, Cai Liangbin, the founder of FORTUNA Fangtu Blockchain, DCC founder Zhu Yuqing and DATA co-founder Franklin Song were invited to deliver keynote speeches. At the same time, Shao Jianliang, the general manager of Canaan Blockchain Business Unit, Pan Xizhi, the director of the Blockchain Laboratory Operation of Jingdong Cloud, and Kim Seongkee, the co-founder of Korea MoFAS participated in the roundtable forum in the conference.

DATA, which aims to solve the problem of user distrust in the digital ecosystem by using blockchain technology, is another central project from Yale. The co-founder Franklin Song attended the forum and gave a speech on “Blockchain, the New Backbone of Digital Ecosystem”. Song believes that the current digital ecosystem is failing, and DATA’s decentralized layer data protocol driven by AI technology and P2P mobile storage infrastructure will continue to change the current situation.

IAB New York Headquarters Internal Meeting

Jul 17th, 2018, DATA Co-founder Franklin Song participated in the internal meeting at IAB New York headquarter and discussed the application of blockchain technology in the advertising industry.

To build the industry standard for digital advertising, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) was created to govern the industry’s standard fraud reporting by creating the blacklist and whitelist of malicious nodes.

At present, the blockchain working group in the IAB Tech Lab is working on developing education for blockchain technology and its use in advertising. The members will work on setting priorities for the business use cases, required technology standards, and optimal practices. The DATA project’s most innovative edge is to proactively identify the fraudulence based on the pattern or behavior analysis via our proprietary AI algorithm, prior to the fraudulent user data being injected into the entire network. We will discuss with IAB and explore potential applicable scenarios to utilize DATA’s anti-fraud solution to support the development of blockchain for the IAB.




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