DATA Bi-weekly Report (12.25–1.8)

4 min readJan 16, 2019


Technological Development

Mainnet, Wallet SDK, & Eco DApp

On December 31, 2018, the DATA mainnet was successfully launched, and the DATA (DTA) block explorer was launched at the same time (address: In addition, the DATA Wallet SDK was integrated into the first eco-application, Antube, and was successfully released on January 1, 2019.

DATA block explorer

Antube is the first Dapp that DATA incubated with GroundX. This Dapp uses DATA’s Proof-of-attention mining mechanism, DATA Wallet SDK, and the M3 mobile decentralized distributed storage framework to allow users to mine coins based on their effective attention spent on viewing mobile ads, and store the mined DATA coin automatically in the wallet.

In the initial stage of the DATA mainnet launch, the mainnet switch is temporarily unavailable. Thus the DATA Coin and DTA are two independent currencies. After the mainnet gradually becomes stable, DATA will cooperate with the exchanges to complete the mainnet switch and open the conversion of DATA Coin and DTA. At the same time, because DATA’s main product is in the form of a mobile SDK for mobile attention monetization and decentralized data storage, the wallet is also integrated into the cooperative eco-product as an SDK.

※ Note: Do not transfer DTA to the address of DATA Coin before the mainnet switch is completed. Otherwise, the DTA may be lost.

Click the link below to see the mainnet launch details:

M3 Distributed Storage System

Based on the network architecture scheme supported by multiple supernodes, the DATA team initially completed the netty protocol and software design for large-scale user connections, which can realize NIO asynchronous communication and protocol frame analysis between supernodes and mobile nodes.

1. Download module

The download library has been re-developed based on the currently connected network. The new download library has the following features added:

- Support for magnetic chain mode (seed files are stored in the DHT network);

- Supports uploading and downloading of multiple files (folders) and large files (single file size can reach hundreds of GB) at the same time;

- Supports downloading by utilizing multiple nodes to increase download speed.

2. Android end

- Started integrating the new version of the M3 network and will be testing the mobile end.

Community Building

Ecological Development

The first ecological application, Antube, launched and started the alpha test

On January 1, 2019, DATA launched the first eco-application, Antube, which was co-incubated with GroundX, the official blockchain platform of Kakao, Korea’s largest social media company.

Antube schematic

Users can participate in the alpha test by inviting friends, submitting suggestions and reporting application bugs. Once the participants’ feedback is adopted, they can earn generous rewards.

Suggestions and application bugs can be submitted to:

Antube official email:

Founded in 2004, Kakao has become one of the largest internet giants in Korea, and Chinese internet giant, Tencent, held 13.54% of the company’s shares. Kakao Talk, owned by Kakao, is Korea’s largest mobile social media platform. Based on a total population of approximately 50 million in Korea, Kakao Talk has achieved a monthly active number of 48 million users and a penetration rate of 95% among the Korean smartphone users.

In March 2018, in the context of Korea’s vigorous development of the blockchain industry and high digital currency user penetration, Kakao announced the establishment of their official blockchain platform, GroundX. GroundX is committed to the exploration of new services based on blockchain and open up the blockchain platform for the public on top of Kakao’s existing services.

In the future, with the participation of more eco-DApps and BApp (Blockchain App), DATA will expand more strategic partners, usage scenarios and eco-users.