Blockchain DATA Foundation Forms Partnership with XCHNG of Kochava

3 min readApr 23, 2018


DATA (Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance), blockchain-based data authentication protocol powered by AI along with P2P mobile storage infrastructure, announced today its participation in OnXCHNG, the partnership program for the open source blockchain framework for the digital advertising ecosystem, XCHNG. Created by Kochava Labs SEZC, a research and development subsidiary of Kochava Inc., XCHNG is an open and unified blockchain-based framework for the digital advertising ecosystem. As an OnXCHNG partner, DATA will join a select group of players in the digital advertising ecosystem that has an opportunity to be actively involved in the XCHNG roadmap development from the beginning. OnXCHNG partners have access to the code base so that they may be one of the first to build applications on the protocol.

Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava, said “We are very proud to have DATA join our partner program, OnXCHNG. DATA is an extremely unique project and will serve an important role within the XCHNG platform by providing critical data authentication and reputation services. By placing insertion orders on the blockchain, XCHNG facilitates buyers and sellers to transact digital media. Ratings agencies and data enrichment providers such as DATA play a pivotal role in the self-governance of the ecosystem as we solve major issues such as ad fraud. We look forward to developing a strong partnership and ongoing collaboration as we create a new paradigm for digital advertising.”

Franklin Song, Chairman of DATA Foundation further commented “By being part of the OnXCHNG partner program, participants on the XCHNG platform will have access to DATA’s state-of-the-art anti-fraud mechanism via data authentication and be able to improve efficiency of ads spending, thus creating a healthier ecosystem that is much needed in the entire mobile data and advertising network. The strong relationship between XCHNG and DATA demonstrates the power of blockchain technology and its applicability to digital advertising. It will pave ways to a near future where fraud-free and maximum efficiency can truly be accomplished and every participant including the advertisers, publishers, platforms and end users not only benefits but also is rewarded meaningfully.” Mr. Song is pleased that thorough the mutual agreement, XCHNG would also be participating in DATA’s Trust Alliance and contributing in the anti-fraud ecosystem.

About Blockchain DATA Foundation:

DATA is a blockchain based advertising protocol and technology stack to authenticate user and device data and resolve to prevent fraudulent data from populating in the entire supply and demand advertising ecosystem.

XCHNG is an open and unified blockchain-based framework for the digital advertising ecosystem. Designed and deployed by Kochava Labs SEZC, a research and development subsidiary of Kochava Inc., the XCHNG framework is centered around a common Ricardian Smart Contract with an open blockchain implementation to persist transactional history and provide supporting utilities required for maximizing efficiency through the lifecycle of the IO. XCHNG enables the related targeting and activation of audiences, bolsters ad-spend efficiency and transparency, establishes a next-generation system of record for all participants, and provides the opportunity to tokenize the framework to treat digital as a true asset class, standardizing the valuation of ads. For more information, visit

About Kochava Inc.
Kochava Inc. offers a unique, holistic and unbiased analytics platform to plan, target, engage, measure and optimize media spend. The Kochava Platform for mobile and connected devices combines potent features and global coverage with thousands of network and publisher integrations, allowing advertisers to target audiences and measure campaign performance with precision. Real-time customizable visualizations give users fluid access to a full spectrum of data points, providing robust segmentation capabilities and real-time actionability. Yielding the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava Inc. is chosen by brands across industry verticals to measure the largest and most sophisticated ad campaigns. For more information, visit

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