Antube Withdrawal Function is Officially Launched

3 min readApr 17, 2020

In late April 2020, Antube withdrawal function is officially launched and support the transfer function of our partner Kakao Klaytn mainnet. In the first phase, Antube will open DTA (Native) and KLAY withdrawals. Users can withdraw DTA (Native) in Antube to exchanges (Upbit, Bittrex Global) that have completed DTA Token Swap or wallets that support the Klaytn mainnet. At the same time, we are also working on DTA Token Swap with other major exchanges. After completing DTA Token Swap of all cooperative exchanges, we will work with Kakao to further promote more ecosystem cooperation and project implementation.

Before experiencing withdrawal function, please read the following tips carefully:

1. At present, Antube only opens DTA (Native) and KLAY withdrawals, which can be withdrawn to supported exchanges or wallets. As ATT has not yet listed, it is temporarily closed for withdrawals.

2. DTA (Native) can only be withdrawn to exchanges and wallets that support DTA (Native), currently including Upbit, Bittrex Global Exchange, Klaytn Web Wallet and Kaikas browser wallet. Klip Wallet will also support DTA (Native). If other exchanges complete DTA Token Swap or other wallets can support DTA (Native), we will announce the information on our social media and community as soon as possible.

3. Users cannot withdraw DTA (Native) from Antube to an exchange that supports DTA (ERC20) and any ERC20 wallet, such as Huobi, Kyber Network, MyEtherWallet (MEW), etc. Once the user transfer DTA(Native) to a wrong address, the token will be lost and cannot be recovered.

4. The minimum limit for DTA (Native) withdrawal in Antube is 100,000 DTA (Native). Withdrawal can only be made after the limit is reached.

5. It is recommended to use the withdrawal function after reading the Antube cash withdrawal guide completely.

6. If you have any questions about the withdrawal function, please contact us on social media or community as soon as possible.

Antube Withdrawal Guide

  1. Open your Antube wallet.

2. Click KLAY on the wallet interface, select “Receive”, and copy your wallet address to transfer a certain amount of KLAY to Antube wallet.

3. Click DTA on the wallet interface, select “Send”, enter the amount you want to transfer, fill in the receiving address by scanning or copying and pasting into the “payee” column, click “Confirm”.

At present, the minimum limit for DTA (Native) withdrawal in Antube is 100,000 DTA(Native). Each transfer of DTA (Native) needs to consume 0.00225KLAY miner costs. Users can purchase Klay through exchanges such as Upbit as Gas fee.

(Note: The receiving address must be the exchange address that has completed DTA Token Swap or the wallet address that supports Klaytn’s mainnet. Do not fill in the ERC20 address.)

4. Receive the verification and fill in the verification code through the mobile phone and email, and click “Confirm”.